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At AUSPVC we have a wide product range of plastic cards available to suit all of your needs. The possibilities continue with our range of variations, which you can choose as you build the card for your needs.

You may browse our site and know exactly which product you require, if this is the case please follow please the contact us form and this will gather information, and we will send you a quote within 30 minutes (standard business hours only).

If you are unsure of what you are looking for, please contact us today and one of our trusted and friendly team will guide you through our product range of ideas available for you.

Have your sparkling ideas on a beautifully designed and printed gift card. It speaks about your business, it promotes your brand, it carries the best wishes, passes on the good words, mostly importantly gift card spreads love.
our product range
We all search for belongings in this world. Membership card is a perfect way to creating that kind of belongings for your customer around the brand they love or around the club they are associated with.
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Nothing is better than a loyal customer for a business. Loyalty cards can come with names printed on them, with magnetic strip to keep tracking, or any other features that makes the card shining and promote your brand and remind customer of the options they have.
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Use your VIP Card wisely, as this needs to impress. A great design can only be realised through a great printer. Talk to us about how to bring the best of your VIP Card artwork to life.
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How to make sure your card is the card that stays with your potential clients or business partners. Give them a reason for keeping it. Your business of course! But also a business card that impresses them as much as you have. A durable light weighted plastic business card can well serve the purpose.
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Transparent cards come in different forms. They can be a completely clear business cards with only your logo and contact information; or semi-transparent business cards; or frosted business cards that adds a special touch.
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A snap off PVC card, also called the combo card offer you the option of providing cards in different sizes in one setting. Your customers might like the idea of keeping one membership card in their wallet and a smaller key tag card on their key ring so they will not forget about it.
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As the name suggest, this is just a single key tag. The size of a standard key Tag is one third of a standard plastic card, or 1.125"×2.125" (28.5mm×54mm) with rounded corners. There is a standard round hole punch included. It can be printed single or double sided. The standard colour option is CMYK full colour.
Smart card, also known as chip card, as it always comes with an embedded microchip. Smart card or chip card have become more and more popular these days with increasing use in transportation, hotels, banks etc. Many companies has also made they way to smart card for security, ID cards and other purpose where a higher security inbuilt is required.
Plastic luggage tags are a must for your busy employees. Not only are these excellent for those that travel, but also for those with laptop bags or cases being carried to and from the office. They are perfect for identification purposes and invaluable as a marketing tool for your business.
We can make cards to any shape to suit your need. The most common shape of PVC cards is the credit card or bank card in everyone’s wallet. The size of a credit card is 86x54mm.
our product range

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