snap-off cards

People these days enjoy options. Why don’t you offer them one! Snap-off cards, also called combo cards, offer you the option of providing cards in different sizes in one setting.

Your customers might like the idea of keeping one membership card in their wallet and a smaller key tag card on their key ring so they will not forget about it. AUS PVC snap-off cards are available in different formats. It can be one main card with one key tag card, or one main card with two key tag card, or one main card with three key tag cards. All sharing the same information in one set!

This product is usually on 30 mil solid white pack plastic material. It is the size of a standard CR80 plastic plus a regular key tag, or (3.375"×2.125") + (1.125"×2.125") , or (86mm×54mm) + (28.5mm*54mm).


Snap-off cards can be customised with the following options:

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