PVC Card Features



The barcodes on PVC cards are mainly used for POS / computer systems. You can decide whether to use code 39 or 128 on your card. This is due to your receiving system. All barcodes are either black on a white background or white on a black background for reasons of visibility. The size is dependent on the digits you decide and the type.
PVC Card Features

Magnetic Strip

The magnetic strips on PVC cards will be dependent on your card reader, because there are two different types of reader available: high or low coercivity.
High coercivity is most suitable for frequent use, as these are harder to erase. The low coercivity is better suited to the small business. Magnetic strips are usually produced on cards which are 0.76mm, however there are exceptions like for parking tickets where they can be 0.5mm.
There are the standard three tracks available.
PVC Card Features

Variable Data

Variable data allows you to preprint information on your PVC cards. Eg, you may have a list of membership names, numbers or pin numbers which need adding to the card. We can print this data in black, gold or silver. Smallest text size is 7pt and its maximum is only limited by the style of text and the card size itself.
Additionally, you could emboss  numbers or letters onto your card, similarly a credit card in appearance. We have two sizes available for embossing, 13pt & 18pt. The fonts are generic for embossing. Embossing is available in gold or silver, and an un-coloured emboss is available for transparent frosted cards. Please note that the embossed effect will affect the back of the card.
PVC Card Features

Metallic Cards

Metallic cards can provide a different finish to the standard PVC card. This stylish design can enhance the look of the card and provide a luxury feel to the PVC card. We have a range of colours for you to choose from and we can provide samples of these colours.

Foiling Cards

Foiling on plastic cards is available in gold, silver, metallic or diamond foiling. There are however some limitations on foiling with plastic cards, so please contact our team to discuss your specific PVC card needs.

Signature Cards

A signature panel is very useful to use to identify cardholders, or if you need to validate information. There is no size limit for the signature panel, however we usually advise to use a transparent signature panel as texts and images under the signature panel can affect visibility.

Hole / Slot Punch

Hole and slot punch options are also available for your business cards. These can be useful if you plan to use the business cards for lanyards or on key chains. We offer a range of size punches to suit your needs. Additionally, we also offer matching lanyards and ID pouches to suit the cards.

Spot UV

Spot UV varnish can be applied on the surface of the plastic cards after they are printed. This provides an extra gloss style to the cards. This type of finish works especially well  with the matt finished cards.

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